1981 United States Chess Championship and Zonal Qualifier (Score Sheet)

Author: Reshevsky, Samuel Herman (1911-1992 ) and Yasser Seirawan signed

Publisher: United States Chess Federation

Location: South Bend

Year: 1981



1 page. Octavo (8 1/2" x 5 1/2) Original hand written score of the game in round six between Samuel Reshevsky (in Reshevsky's hand)and Yasser Seirawan (black) ending in a 24 move draw. Signed by Seirawan.

The 1981 United States Championship resulted in tie for first Seirawan, Browne (9); tie for third thru fifth Christiansen, Kavalek, and Reshevsky (8 1/2); sixth Shamkovich (7 1/2); seventh and eight Peters and Byrne (7); ninth Lein (6 1/2); tenth thru twelfth Alburt, Tajarn and Kogan (6); thirteenth Benjamin (5 1/2); fourteenth and fifteenth Fedorowicz and Kudrin (5)

Sammy Reshevsky was born in Poland in 1911. By the time Sammy was only eight years old, he toured the world to display his prowess as a child prodigy of chess, giving exhibitions in Europe and the United States. In 1924, at the age of 12, Reshevsky's parents kept him away from chess and he went to school for the first time in his life. A tutor helped him to graduate high school level, which Reshevsky had no problem doing. Reshevsky then went firstly to University of Detroit, and then to University of Chicago, where he obtained his degree in Mathematics in 1933. In 1934 he won first prize without a loss of a game in the International Tournament at Syracuse, NY and also deservedly earned the right to play in a tournament that boasted of a participant like Capablanca. In this tournament he beat the great, THE GREAT, Jose Raul Capablanca at Margate, England. Reshevsky actually received first prize in the tournament. He then dropped out of chess, but came back to win the US Chess Championship in 1938, and then skipped a year, and defended it in 1940. He then dropped out of chess again, but played GM Isaac Kashdan for the US Championship in 1942, which he won. Reshevsky played in the great 1951 Candidates Tournament that Bronstein won. In 1961 he played a drawn match against the most famous chess prodigy, Bobby Fischer. When he was almost 60 years old he qualified for the Inter Zonal at Mallorca and scored 9 points out of a possible 23. He even won a tournament in the 1990's in Iceland, before his death!


In very good condition.

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